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Fans think ‘pissed’ Anna Wintour changed seat when Kim Kardashian sat down at Victoria Beckham fashion show

She wore shades but she didn’t throw any.

Fans were convinced that Anna Wintour snubbed Kim Kardashian by moving seats at Victoria Beckham’s Paris Fashion Week show on Friday.

However, Page Six confirmed that Wintour, 73, and Kardashian, 42, were seated next to each other for the entirety of the show.

Video circulating online shows the Skims founder plopping down beside the Vogue Editor-In-Chief.

Wintour kept her arms crossed and seemingly ignored Kardashian by turning to look in the other direction toward David Beckham, who was sitting on the fashion guru’s other side.

Fans were quick to think that Wintour got up and moved away from Kardashian after another video clip showed Kardashian sitting next to the soccer star with Wintour nowhere in sight.

Fans mistakingly thought Anna Wintour got up to move seats after Kim Kardashian sat next to her at Victoria Beckham’s fashion show in Paris.
Social media users were convinced Wintour had snubbed Kardashian when video surfaced of the Vogue editor no longer sitting next to her.
However, Page Six confirmed that they sat next to each other throughout the whole fashion show.
Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP
Wintour was even photographed saying goodbye to Kardashian and her mom Kris Jenner.

Kardashian, dressed in a stunning pink silk gown, even appeared to mouth the words “I feel so bad” while conversing with the retired athlete, though there was no audio to confirm what exactly was said.

“Anna moved seats? 😭😭,” one person asked in a tweet.

“oh anna was PISSED,” a second person gathered from the awkward interaction.

The Hulu stars showed up to the Paris Fashion Week event in coordinating slip dresses.
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David Beckham also sat next to Wintour and was joined by three of his kids.
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“LMAO Anna said bye 👋 💀 🤣,” a third troll said.

“Oh Kimberly better fix that connection with Anna 😭,” a fourth wrote.

“Anna said lemme move chile,” someone said.

Wintour stunned in a red coat and her signature shades.
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“Not Anna switched seats,” a netizen added, with another chiming in, “anna was GONE!”

However, Page Six confirmed that Kardashian and Wintour took in the entire show seated beside each other and they were even photographed chatting when the media executive made her exit.

The TV personality was joined by momager Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble.

Kardashian has had a complicated relationship with Wintour over the years.
The Skims founder has graced the US Vogue cover three times.
Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP

Meanwhile, David watched his wife’s show joined by his and Victoria’s three kids: Harper, 12, Cruz, 18, and Brooklyn, 24.

Brooklyn was also joined by his wife Nicola Peltz, 28, and other stars attending the show included Pamela Anderson, Olivia Palermo, Eva Longoria, Lisa Rinna and Jenna Lyons.

Last September, Wintour appeared to give Kardashian the cold shoulder at Fendi’s New York Fashion Week show.

Kardashian had an awkward fashion show encounter with Wintour last year.

Video at the time captured Wintour going up to Sarah Jessica Parker, who was right next to Kardashian, but when the Skkn CEO tried to say hello, Wintour didn’t oblige.

Wintour and the Hulu personality have a complex relationship.

The editor once banned Kardashian from attending the 2012 Met Gala, with one insider claiming at the time, “Anna hates Kim.”

However, the “Kardashians” star has attended numerous Met Galas since, and has also been featured on the cover of American Vogue three times.

Wintour even spoke highly of Kardashian in 2019, telling her magazine, “I personally admire the way that she’s become a little more minimal in the way she’s dressing, and a little more covered.”

“You have to admire how [the Kardashias have] created an empire through their personalities, and the creative genius of their mother,” Wintour added.