UN General Assembly brings ‘hooker convention’ to NYC — high-priced escorts from Vegas, Europe

They’re taking international relations to a whole new level.

Diplomats in town for the UN General Assembly are meeting world leaders by day and high-end hookers by night, sources tell Page Six.

And to meet demand for the illicit accords, high-priced escorts allegedly gather in the Big Apple from as far away as Las Vegas and Europe.

“Business goes up 20% to 25%,” said one demimonde source familiar with the sex summits. “Girls literally fly in from Vegas and Europe … it’s like a hooker convention.”

The insider added of the erotic aides and their international clients, “They go to hotels because they can’t go to the residences or the embassies,” pointing out that the luxe ladies of the evening “make $3,000 to $5,000” per session.

The source said some “diplomats go crazy because they’re so repressed where they are … they don’t have these girls.”

UN General Assembly
Sources say the UN General Assembly attracts ladies of the night to NYC after the official sessions.
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Conventional wisdom, so to speak, usually dictates that when the demand for sex workers goes up, so does attendance at local strip clubs.

But another saucy source explains that diplos want to stay under the radar, so “It’s the high-end escorts that are busy. Politicians are terrified of anything like that being used against them, they don’t want to be seen in strip clubs.”

The same source adds of any of the pols’ foreign affairs after hours, “They’re not going to risk Googling ‘escorts.’ The part of town they stay in [Midtown] is the hub of the high-end hooker business. There are guys who work in the bars in that part of town who are basically pimps who tend bar on the side.”

UN General Assembly
But do members have diplomatic immunity?

The source sniffed, “If they want to have their fun in New York … it’s not by going to Sapphire,” referring to the jiggle joint that’s one of NYC’s most popular along with the Hustler Club.

A different source says diplos who do dip into strip clubs get private rooms. “VIP rooms are booked, and they can spend anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 in a night,” the source says. “You look around and it’s not the usual crowd of regulars.”